Betty Apartman – Our prices

A place accepting SZÉP Card and Debit Card

Apartment prices: 2 main/night are understood!

Basic standard price

From Sunday to Thursday

Adult price 18 over the years:

14.000 HUF/2 persons/night 2023.09.01-from 16.000,-HUF/2 persons/night

10.000,-HUF/ 1 person/night 2023.09.01-from 12.000,-HUF/1 person/night

Friday Saturday

Adult price 18 over the years:

16.000 HUF/2 persons/night 2023.09.01-from 18.000,-HUF/2 persons/night

12.000,-HUF/ 1 person/night 2023.09.01-from 14.000,-HUF/1 person/night

Children's prices:

0-3,99 up to the age of one: free
3,99-17.99 up to the age of one: 3.500 Ft 2023.09.01-does not change from

Children's prices are for an extra bed in the same room as the parents.

At special events, on holidays, on long weekends
adults: 20.000,-HUF/ 2 persons/night 2023.09.01-from 22.000,-HUF/2 persons/night
For kids: 3.500 HUF/person/night

To finalize your booking 30% advance payment is required.

Cancellation policy: Before the day of arrival 7. cancellation is free of charge, in case of non-arrival, or 1-7 in case of cancellation within a day, the penalty is a 30% an amount corresponding to an advance payment. During special holiday periods, August 17 – August 21 and December 22 – cancellation of bookings between January 02, no later than before arrival 30 day, we can accept it without penalty!

Minimum booking time: 2 night

Occupying and leaving the rooms:

To occupy: 14-15 can be between hours, if you want to arrive at a different time, please let me know in advance!
Logout: 8-10 can be between hours

We reserve the right to change the price!

Our prices are in HUF and do not include tourist tax!
The tourist tax 18 over the years 590 HUF/person/night, 18 free for children under the age of 12!

At certain special events, on holidays, on long weekends, depending on the days spent and the number of guests, and the above prices may differ per apartment!

Half board meal option!

Years: 3.500 HUF/person/day, 2023.09.01-from HUF 4,000/person/day, in which there is a buffet-style breakfast and a menu-choice dinner. We deliver the food to our apartment building.

For postal order:

Postal address : 2500 Esztergom, Árpád u. 11.

Reference (HUF):

József Pék e.v.

CIB Bank: 10700361-69974137-51100005

WERE GOING: HU41 107003616997413751100005

Swift code: CIBHHUHB

Reference (EURO):

József Pék e.v.

CIB Bank: 10700361-67259933-50100002

WERE GOING: HU44 107003616725993350100002

Swift code: CIBHHUHB

Telephone reservation:

Betty Pék
+36 (30) 380 8011

József Pék
+36 (30) 900 8844

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