Látnivalók Hajdúszoboszló környékén

HAJDÚSZOBOSZLÓ Besides the thermal spa famous for its healing water and one of the biggest aquaparks of Eastern Europe, you can enjoy several nice programs. One of the most popular program is the Organic Food and Wine Festival, where you can enjoy food specialities made of organic materials and wines from high-class wineries, and folk and modern music concerts will entertain the guests.

DEBRECEN Easy walk in the Big Forrest of Debrecen. It's going to be a unforgettable experience to see the monumental clssicist building of the University of Debrecen and the wonderful french style park before it. Going straight ahead on the University Boulevard you will arrive to the nicely renovated Kossuth Square, where it's worth visit the Big Church, one of the symbols of the City.

The Déri Museum, having a century-long past, can be found in the heart of city, and it is one of the invaluable treasure of the Hungarian nation with its historical remembrances, archeological, city historical, fine art, cultural and ethnical collections.

The Flower Fest is one of the most popular tourism events of Debrecen. The tradition goes back the 1910's, when spectacular flower prom attracted the tourists. Since 1966 it has been organized on the 20th of August every year. The Hungarian and foreign coaches decorated with flowers go along the Piac Street to arrive to the Stadium of the Big Forrest.

HORTOBÁGY It can be an extraordinary experience to visit the puszta of the Hortobágy, part of the World Heritage. It is suggested to those who wish to get acquainted with native animals, their habitats and the characteristics of everyday life on the puszta.

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